The Humanitarian Project Inc. is dedicated to identifying and assisting victims of disasters and crises worldwide. Our organization strives to maximize the alleviation of suffering by empowering communities, donors, and grassroot organizations to participate in fiscally responsible, effective aid projects.

The Humanitarian Project, Inc:

  • Designs projects, delivers services, and conducts needs assessment research;
  • Provides victims of disasters and crises with aid and resources to meet their short-term and long-term needs;
  • Provides donors with the opportunity to make a greater impact with their donations by assuring fiscal accountability and stewardship of their funds;
  • Provides grassroot organizations with access to resources to implement needed services and aid for affected communities;
  • Developing a social purpose enterprise, Humanitarian Handicrafts, to further The Humanitarian Project's mission and objectives.

The Humanitarian Project Inc. will conduct its operation with the highest regard for fiscal accountability, stewardship of funds, and transparency. Our projects are designed to be sustainable and emphasize the participatory development of grassroot organizations. By focusing on victims‚ needs on a micro-level donors will be making a direct investment in the affected community. By expanding the capacity of every dollar it is our hope that donors will feel inspired by the greater impact and success of their funds. We simply desire that the monies be spend efficiently so more aid can reach the victims in need.

The Humanitarian Project is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. All donations are tax-deductible and tax receipts will be provided.
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