Humanitarian Information.
What We Do. We help people become more financially successful without cost or mandatory requirements. The "Office" program has graciously allowed us to help people who are unbankable or live in countries that don't have such things as Paypal or a bank account. It is extremely difficult for innocent people to get ahead in the world without the tools to do it with.
How Does it Work? People who are in this situation can now enter the "Office" program from their cellular phone (in most places throughout the World) at no cost, so there's no need for a bank account or PayPal.
In other words, they can invite other people to the "office" program and start to build commissions immediately. Once commissions reach $100 (USD), we'll do whatever it takes for you to receive your money and upgrade your account to "Office" subscription status. Even if we have to use "Pony Express" for you to get your money, that's what we'll do.
Betty Ulen, Creator
The Humanitarian Project.â„¢
Please Note: We have extended The Humanitarian Projectâ„¢ to include Veterans.
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